Darton longfields
There’s No Place Like Home

It’s not grim up North. It’s positively delightful.

Here at Wander Foods, we are very fortunate to live in Barnsley. YES, that’s right I’ve said it, Barnsley the butt of all jokes is a wonderful place to live.
I was born and bred in a large mining village on the outskirts of Barnsley. Don’t get me wrong I’ve lived in several places around the world looking for that place to call home, but like my neighbours homing pigeon, I navigated my way back.
I spent years searching for that quintessential English rural life, weeping willows dipping into the river, while the thwack of willow and cries of “Howszat” blend with the chirruping of a myriad of birds. The old stone church, the green grocers and butchers and bakers where everyone has time for a chat. People say hello as you pass them in the street, just like they used to a generation past. 
This is where I now live, right back to the place I was born.
Darton All Saints Church
Now the long closed pit sites are areas of beauty and nature, so within a 5 minute walk from home, I’m surrounded by greenery.
Not the grey, dirty sullen image you would imagine. 
It’s not grim up North. It’s positively delightful.
River Dearne
During lockdown I have appreciated where I live more than ever, taking to the stay local restrictions with delightful ease. I know how lucky we are being in a semi rural area.
I’ve finally bought an OS map of the area and set about exploring long forgotten footpaths. It’s quite a joy to find hidden rivers or new patches of woodland or in my case, more exciting ways to get to the cafe.
If any good is to come out of 2020 lockdown, it’s got to be the imposed slowing down. Having the time to connect to our surroundings. Gaining the wonderful healing properties of being outdoors. Fresh air and deep breaths. Having a sense of place in this crazy universe.